All marketing research methods are good, but each of them is good where it is effective. We try to ensure 18complex resolution of Customer’s tasks with maximum efficiency.

We use the following data collection methods:

Survey methods:

  • personal interviews at the place of respondent’s residence (face-to-face)
  • sidewalk interviews
  • interviews in the places of sales
  • questionnaire surveys
  • diary method
  • telephone interviews (PATI, CATI)
  • expert interviews (B2B)
  • depth interviews
  • focus groups
  • Exit Poll



  • hall-test (capi)
  • home-test
  • product-test


 Direct measurement

  • secret shopper (mystery shopping)
  • auditing the points of sale (retail audit, store check, price check)
  • direct structured monitoring
  • measurement of flows (consumers, pedestrians, transport)

The scope of our activities also includes controlling work quality of interviewers from other companies, BTL, giving out and posting leaflets, leasing special-purpose premises (for testing and focus groups) etc.